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Physical Therapist

Dr. Carly Hampton is native Washingtonian who found a love for sports at an early age. In high school she was a 4-sport athlete eventually turning her love for sports into a love for sports medicine. Dr. Carly received her degree from North Carolina A&T SU, and went on to earn her clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Old Dominion University. Dr. Carly has experience as the head of the medical staff for D.C.’s developmental football league team and backstage at the renown Kennedy Center.

After being a former athlete and working in the field for years, Dr. Carly noticed a gap between rehab, rehab, and sport performance, noting that many injuries can be avoided with a focus on preventative care. Dr. Carly is a certified Functional Dry Needling Practitioner and a Certified Running Gait Analyst. She has a special interest in injury prevention and working with runners and athletes whose sports include running and agility.

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