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The PHYT Collective is dedicated to rebuilding and building lifelong athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and fitness professionals.

We keep you performing at your highest potential & living pain-free.

Let's get PHYT

The Concept

The PHYT Collective is a physical therapy clinic specializing in providing care to the lifelong athlete & boutique fitness client. At our foundation, we are a physical therapy practice. However, the PHYT Collective has been established to solve prevalent issues in the outpatient orthopedic & sports physical therapy market.

We are committed to helping physical therapists work for themselves without losing their time freedom, allowing all clinicians to care for patients one to one, providing patients 1:1 care for an expedited recovery, bridging the gap between rehabilitation & boutique fitness participation, and supporting the longevity of the careers of our community’s boutique fitness instructors.

We put our clients needs first. We know your time is valuable.

Our Values

One on one care

A full hour with your provider’s undivided attention.

Care Catered to Your Goals

Care dictated by individual needs & best practice, not reimbursement.

Building Lifelong Athletes

No matter if you are a boutique fitness enthusiast, a fitness instructor, or a professional athlete, we are committed to supporting your high level goals.

No Surprise Bills

We are a cash based practice so you will always know the cost of service. We will always provide you a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company.

Career Control for Physical Therapists

The PHYT Collective values your time too. Let’s work for ourselves, together.

Fitness Instructor Longevity

We understand the demands on your body. We know how valuable you are in keeping our community healthy. We are committed to helping your body keep up with your career.

For Physical Therapists

Why it works Many established & reputable physical therapists express interest in being able to work for themselves, however, are afraid of losing their “time freedom” in order to do so. As the sole provider in a private practice, you are unable to take extended time off as your patients still require treatment. Expanding a practice to bring in another clinician is a risk & expense many physical therapists are not willing to assume. Many physical therapists who have attempted to work for themselves return to larger established practices. At PHYT, you work for yourself. However, we work for ourselves, together.

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For Patients

Tailored Services At PHYT, we provide you care dictated by your goals, your needs, and best practice. We understand your time is valuable & will always ensure your time is 1:1 with your practitioner.

At PHYT, our providers are able to treat all orthopedic conditions & sports related injuries. Our physical therapists are independent practitioners with a variety of interests and specializations. Our physical therapy services include:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Functional Dry Needling
  • Corrective Exercise & Neuromuscular Re-Education
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Running Analysis
  • Ergonomic Assessments & Education
  • Injury Prevention Screenings & Sport Specific Physical Therapy
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Performance Enhancement Training
  • Aging & Resiliency Training
  • Post Rehabilitative Personal Training
  • Balance Training
  • Home Exercise Program Development

About Us


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Physical Therapist


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Medical Exercise Specialist

Dr. Rachel Miller

Physical Therapist

PHYT Workshops

We're excited to offer workshops to help you learn and grow as you embark on your own health and fitness journey

Led by PHYT clinicians as well as other experts in the community, our workshops are designed to bring people together and deliver actionable insights and skills.

No upcoming workshops scheduled at the moment. Check back later for updates!

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